1000 Ideas For Music – Know Where all You Can Get The Inspiration

1000 songwriting ideas

Music is a very important part of our life and it plays a huge role in releasing our stress. It has the power to change our mood. If we listen to sad songs automatically our mood becomes sad and when we listen to happy songs our mood goes back to being happy. In today’s deafening world music works as a shield to protect us.


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For creating music, motivation can come from anywhere. Even your bathroom can become a creative place, sometimes the sidewalk can be helpful and the other times solitude can add a touch of magic. Motivation comes to those who want to work on their dreams. It is said that poems can also be sung as songs it’s just that you should know the technique of creating the tune.

Music is very dear to God too and it is said that one can easily please God with the help of music. Music is not just a rhythmic sound it is a feeling and it has the power to wake any feelings inside us. Blessed are those who are gifted with good voice and also the ones who choose to learn to play certain instruments.

In the very beginning when humans were still not so civilised, music was looked down as a bad thing, it was considered that people from respectable houses don’t enjoy and participate in music but later people came to know It’s value, and accepted it. Music has had a very tough struggle to make It’s place and it has reached to good heights today.

Music Is So Soothing To Our Soul

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Sometimes music can play a huge role in someone’s life. Most people who want to pursue it as a career devote their entire life to it. They practice day and night without getting bored and tired. For them music is a food for their hungry souls. Motivational music helps a lot in gaining back the lost positive attitude and also gives the encouragement to carry on.

Devotional songs are so enlightening and peaceful, they just put your mind and heart at rest and ease your soul.

How To Create This Magic?

You need to focus on the rhythm first and you should learn how to create a good melody that is pleasant to people’s ears. You should get ideas from listening to different genres of music. Not every genre is made for everyone. Different people have different taste in music and you shouldn’t force your taste on them.

Music Gives Life A Meaning

It is said that plants grow beautifully when you sing and talk to them and even animals respond positively to the tunes of music. It is said that you become more creative and active when you do any work while listening to music.


You can create anything you want. All you need is a zeal to do it. Just stay motivated. There are uncountable ways to create music, few are presented to you here. Always create your own tune. Your own rhythm and your own flow.

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