3 Best Books About Songwriting

best books about songwriting

They will also keep you motivated towards your goal. So what should you be looking out for when choosing which book to buy?

The first thing you should be checking out is a book that focuses on just writing songs. You don’t need to be a great writer to make it big as a songwriter; however, you do need to know the fundamentals of songwriting. A book that teaches you the basics of songwriting such as keynote, melody, verse etc will help you write great songs. You should be able to get through these books easily by an aspiring songwriter.

A Successful Songwriter

The next thing you should look out for are books that focus on becoming a successful songwriter. Many professional songwriters have published books that focus on how to become a successful songwriter. They tell you the secrets to getting noticed by executives and the way you should approach marketing. These great songwriters have shared their knowledge with aspiring songwriters in order to help them create successful songs.

Songwriters from all over the world have created some amazing songs using a variety of techniques. Books by Leo Russell and Michael Levey are two of the most popular books about songwriting. These authors not only focus on the practical aspect of songwriting but they also teach you how to play other instruments if you become a professional songwriter. You will be inspired by some of the songs written by these great songwriters.

Books By Jack Rosenkrant

There are many books by Jack Rosenkrant that can teach you the basics of songwriting. He has been writing songs for over fifty years and is an inspiration for all songwriters out there. When you read his book “The Great Songwriter: A Comprehensive Guide to Developing Your Chords,” you will gain valuable tips on how to approach your craft. Most of the material in this book focuses on being a studio musician. He will show you how to hire a great sound engineer, how to record in a small room, and how to write songs in minor and major keys.

The other book in this collection is by Leo Russell. This book “The Complete Guitar Book” is another must-read book on learning to play the guitar. It is packed with all the information you could ever want to learn about songwriting techniques and ideas. Most of the book is devoted to covers and chord schematics, which are essential tools to any songwriter. 

Musicologist Joanna Martine Cohen

There are also several sections on improvisation and jingle writing. You will discover the best songs ever written by Leonard Cohen and many more. The last book in this series is by acclaimed songwriter, song producer and musicologist Joanna martine Cohen. 

This book is a must for any songwriter. In her book she shares with you her top secrets as a songwriter. Joanna Martine Cohen is a professional songwriter, music producer and music analyst. This is a must for any songwriter who wants to be a top notch songwriter.


These three books in this series are the best books about songwriting that you could ever buy. They are all written by very famous songwriters and song producers who have experience in their respective fields. You will have tons of ideas on what to write or what to work on next. So if you want to be a better songwriter, these three books by their authors will truly help you get started.

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