Best Reggae Rules - The Philosophy Of Truth

Best Reggae Rules: The Philosophy Of Truth

Best Reggae Rules: The Philosophy Of Truth

One thing that you will never know about the best reggae style to be used by those who are reggae artists is the same as what I do. I use what I call the best reggae rules.

The best reggae rules that I have discovered by this is, in order to make your reggae music sound like the greatest reggae Music ever recorded, you must use the best reggae techniques you can get your hands on. That is the first important thing that is not being taught by most people in this genre. They are not doing the proper studies to hone their techniques, which are the very foundation of any true music.

Best Reggae Rules: The Philosophy Of Truth
Best Reggae Rules: The Philosophy Of Truth

Best Reggae Rules And Technique

The best reggae technique for any reggae artist to master is the songwriting method. It is without question the best way to make your music success. You will learn by heart the process and be able to apply the methods to make better songs.

Moreover, you can take lessons from anyone you want, but if they do not know the basics of the music that they are teaching, they will not make the best reggae music. You must first understand that this music genre began in Jamaica and has spread around the world. In order to make the best reggae music, you must understand the fundamentals and the philosophy that created this style of music and then get back to using the techniques to bring out the best in you.

Best Reggae Artists 

The best reggae artists of all time have had the best reggae style by using this method. It is what is commonly called The Philosophy of Truth. These techniques and principles will allow any artist to master the creative elements of music by using proper listening skills. It will teach you how to create your own beats by applying sound effects, patterns, rhythm, and the overall flow.

You should be familiar with The R.I.P. System and The Red Book System and the Godfather System. The first system that I learned was in the year 1980 from Junior Reid, one of the best reggae artists of all time. I become an apprentice to him, which is very humbling and amazing.

Best Reggae Rules

Mastering The Philosophy of Truth, which is the most basic of all the reggae rules, is the key to mastering any sound effects, rhythms, patterns, and overall rhythmic flow. Once you understand the basic principles of these techniques, it is time to apply them to your own music.

These sound effects and rhythms can be easily heard on the basis of the whole genre. My favorite sound effects are the boom! With the Boom Style, it sounds like a shotgun blast.

Best Reggae Rules: The Philosophy Of Truth
Best Reggae Rules: The Philosophy Of Truth

With the first sound, the R.I.P., the sound is repetitive, almost like a machine gun, very dramatic. It sounds like the military “Over The Top” sound effect.

Best of all, you do not have to break the bank to be successful with this style of music. You do not need a studio to record, set up, or mix music and you do not have to pay anyone to put your music out.

The main rule is, you must master these sound effects and rhythms. If you do not master them you will never succeed in this style of music.


Sound effects and rhythm are the foundation of the music. You can be one of the best musicians on the planet, but if you do not master your reggae Skills, you will never get your name known as a musician.

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