Books For Songwriting That Every Songwriter Must Read -

Books For Songwriting That Every Songwriter Must Read

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There is no doubt that to perfect a skill; we need proper training for that. And thus, there is no shame in reading books for songwriting if you are a songwriter. Moreover, these books help to improve your writing capabilities. And further help in developing your imagination. In addition to this, when you have proper knowledge about a skill you like or in which you are good, you succeed in that.

These books contain detailed instructions regarding songwriting. Further, they contain some pitfalls of famous songwriters so that you do not commit the same mistake as they did. Thus, there is no harm in reading such books. You are only going to increase the knowledge that you already possess.

Writing Better Lyrics By Pat Pattinson

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It is one of the best books that you can read for improving or writing your song lyrics. Pat Pattinson is a professor at Berklee College of Music, and he is also an author and a songwriter. Moreover, this book is a staple for songwriters from over two decades.

Further, the most famous technique of this book is ‘Objective Writing.’ It teaches that pick any object and use your senses to write about it. Thus, these words become building blocks for your lyrics.

Songwriters On Songwriting By Paul Zollo

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If you wish to have a book that is more on the inspirational side, this book is perfect. Paul Zollo has served as editor for many magazines like Song Talk, Performing Songwriter, and American Songwriter.

The book he has written is full of advices from the greatest songwriters like Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and more.

6 Steps To Songwriting Success By Jason Blume

If you wish to top the music industry charts, then we recommend that you give this book a read. He has worked with many famous artists like Britney Spears, Diana Ross, and Kenny Rogers.

In his book, he has written a stepwise instruction on how one can achieve a hit song. Further, the book also contains some insights on how few hit songs were written and recorded.

The Songwriters Idea Book By Sheila Davis

One of the perfect read if you wish to better your craft. The book is a great way to generate new ideas and discover new styles in your songwriting process. Further, the book also enables you to know your personality better.

Moreover, the book teaches how to break away from the usual style of your writing. In addition to this, Davis had used 40 strategies to bring some excitement in your imagination. Thereby keeping a creative flow in you.


So it can be concluded by saying that everyone is born with a special talent in them. However, to brush up your skills, you need some guidance and practice. And that is when such things come in handy. Thus, if you wish to write songs or an aspiring songwriter, you must give at least one of these books a good read.

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