Essential Tips To Sell Songwriting Ideas

Sell Songwriting Ideas

If you are an artist or a songwriter you must’ve dreamed of making the world groove over your tunes or repeat your song lines in their lives or someday find a connection or motivation in them. Well, to all the budding artists in the world realizing these dreams are dearer than having anything else in their lives. Now, an important aspect of songwriting is that it must contribute to your wealth once you choose it as a profession because money may not be the motivation for you but it so is for your body. Therefore, there are certain things you must keep in mind before drafting and preparing the pitch to sell songwriting ideas to your favorite artists.

Tips To Sell Songwriting Ideas


Starting Small

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While most of the artists in the world wait for a big break, it may not be the most fruitful choice to sell songwriting ideas to big and great artists initially. First of all, those artists and music labels are pitched by an innumerable number of songwriters who come from a variety of genres and levels of experiences and this can cause your creation to bury somewhere in the mail stack. This situation can add to discouragement. Therefore, you can pitch small and growing artists who might even be available for contacting like youtube and Instagram singers. This will lead to your network build-up and gradual growth.

Secondly, even if you get a big break, it can add to a lot of expectations on your head and burden you for your next. This can hamper your creativity as you might not be that experienced to hit the same shot again and again.

Network Building To Sell Songwriting Ideas

Your career as a songwriter will be different from the artists on stage. You won’t be having a fan – artist relationship that boosts you as a brand instead you’ll rely on your contacts for work and growth. The songwriting industry is based on a B2B model where contacts are everything. For building your contacts initially you can go in for co-writing songs with other writers. This will benefit you both mutually with either one’s contacts. Then you can go in for a more professional space and contact publishers and artists associated. You can even try going-in for backstage processes at concerts and events where you can find contacts of relevant people while working and enjoying.

Relevance Serves As The Key To Sell Songwriting Ideas

Keeping the song content relevant is what matters while pitching. You must look into the styles, genres, and themes an artist prefers for their songs before pitching any song to them. While your song can be good on its terms, artists carry an aura around that suits their marketing and for which your song can be contradictory. So, you can choose to go in for writing songs on themes that are more universal like love, hardships, pain, and pop, etc.


In the end, you can be a change or bring a change with your song ideas. But the entrance to your dream songwriting career lies with your tactics to sell songwriting ideas.

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