Most Prolific Song Writer – How Songwriting Makes The Difference

most prolific song writer

Songwriting is an art as well as it is a great way to make money. All over the world, many artists are making a go of it either playing and recording their music or writing for others. When you are connected with any art and craft then developing an imposter syndrome is very easy. Imposter syndrome is a feeling that makes you feel like you are not talented or professional or you do not have enough work to get busy. It makes you under-confident, you keep questioning your skills you think that you are not authentic enough to fit in and be a part of the scene. 

Most Prolific Song Writer

When you are thinking of making your career in the music industry it is very normal to feel about songwriting. Many songwriters feel this way because at the initial stage they do not get the opportunity to make good money, not playing their songs live, not recording them. But to be a songwriter keep writing songs, be it short songs, long songs, pop songs, rock songs, etc. 

If you are serious about songwriting then you should keep practicing writing songs. There are several ways to improve your songwriting skills. Here, we will share a few tips regarding songwriting that may help you in different ways. 

Tips To Note

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Songwriting can be a difficult task especially when you are going through a creative block, which is why you might want to take inspiration from something first and note down your ideas after which you can start framing songs out of what you feel. One of the most important tips is to finish the songs you are writing. Many people get frustrated and leave the songs half-written. But those half-finished songs are of no use, nobody would like to listen to your half-finished songs. So, firstly finish your songs. 

Secondly, make a songwriting team. If you have a songwriting friend then collaborate with them and it will force your brain to write more songs and finish them accordingly.

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Another idea of writing songs effectively would be writing in different environments. There are many songwriters, who like to write songs in the same environment, they get comfortable in that specific room or at that specific place. But sometimes it can become a bit of a crutch. Because you will always not be fortunate enough to sit on your comfortable couch and write the song peacefully. But you have to complete the song. That is why it is important to practice writing songs in different spaces. 

Learning the basic music theory is always helpful to writing songs. Because sometimes you can break some rules without knowing them, therefore, having some theoretical knowledge is a good idea. 


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If you are a beginner then you can follow some professional songwriter’s skill set. Because a professional has many skills that you can work on. If you follow them and know how to do these things that can help you to make a career as a songwriter in the music industry.  

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