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How To Start A Songwriting Career

Songwriting Career - How To Start With It

Do you know what is needed for a successful songwriting career? If you love to write your songs and want to follow it as your career, it’s essential to know where to start from. Getting a break is a significant factor. Several songwriters give up their passion due to the lack of opportunities in life. Read this post to get stepwise guidance for choosing a songwriting career option.

Songwriting Career - How To Start With It
How To Start A Songwriting Career

Once you complete writing a song, give it the final shape. Usually, successful songs contain two or three choruses and two or three verses. Anything more or less than that can be a real challenge.

Make sure that your song is unique in its way and contains a story behind it. Connect people with your melody using your lyrical skills. Step into the shoes of the audience after the final draft of your song. It will help you with self-analyzing your work. Now, what shall be your next step in your songwriting career?


It’s amusing to work in collaboration with other musicians. If writing lyrics is your strongest skill, you can collaborate with a musician who is weak in writing lyrics but has strong instrumental skills. Famous singers preferred to collaborate with other musicians in this way, including Time Rice, Ashford & Simpson, etc.

Songwriting Career - How To Start With It
How To Start A Songwriting Career

Music Copyright

As a songwriter, you should get the copyright for your tune. Do not overlook this crucial point. Moreover, it is advisable to register your song as you get the final version recorded and written. It is possible to do this online with the copyright office of your country.

Registraion will cost you a small fee to register your written songs. You need to submit the lyrics accompanied by a recording of your song. Once you make the payment and submit the original materials, you get the copyright to your tune. It means no one can use it without your permission. In the case of non-registration of your song, someone could steal the melody line or lyrics and create a new recording without your consent or paying any royalty.

Consider Writing Songs For Others

When you are confident as a songwriter, you can also start writing for others. You can work as a songwriter for other artists. Some of the best singers across the world write songs for others. It is entirely normal and will help you to get a good exposure.

Pitch Your Own Music

Once you become confident about your original song, it’s time that you reach your tune to the industry. This party is not at all easy, and no miracle will happen overnight. With the help of technology, today you can be seen and heard by professionals of the industry. You can submit your music catalog online. Several commercial companies and TV shows look for this kind of production library to select songs that match their criteria. Who knows your song can be their next choice? Conduct thorough research on these. Some of them have specific fees associated at the time of signing up. Few platforms offer this service free of cost. In some of the cities, major networking events are available where artists get an opportunity to pitch their tunes in-person to famous companies like VH1 and MTV for a small fee.

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