Songwriting Gift Ideas – Some Options To Inspire The Songs

songwriting gift ideas

Songwriters are a blessing to the music industry, but many times, they go unnoticed. Shower them with your appreciation with gifts and thank them for existing. Who doesn’t love listening to music and songs? Music is said to be a universal language that brings everyone together. For every kind of feeling, there are songs that one can resonate with and find relatable. Thanks to our lyricists, composers, and songwriters who have such amazing songwriting ideas and create beautiful lyrics and music for us, even then many of them go unrecognized. If you have got a favorite songwriter or lyricist, say thanks to them today. Maybe send them a card and some gifts to show your gratitude and appreciation. Here are a few gift ideas that may even help your favorite star to get some songwriting ideas. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Songwriting Gift Ideas

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Book – You can give them a songwriting book or guide. No matter how professional and master your favorite lyricist is, everyone has scope for learning and improving, right? Sometimes even they face writer’s block and hence to help them, you can give them some music-related books or guides. Also, alternatively, you can give a dictionary too that contains rhyming words. What’s better than that for getting new songwriting ideas?

Diary or Journal – Gift a songwriter with a diary, journal, or a notepad on which he can jot down his songwriting ideas. These diaries and journals come with the availability of various pages and choose the one according to your need. Also, you can keep a trendy and classic pen along with the diary or journal. It will look cool.

Instrument – Almost every songwriter loves to play a musical instrument too. If that’s just the case with your favorite Rockstar too, then that makes our job easy. Either gift them that instrument or any other product-related to that instrument. Also, here too, you can gift a book or guide related to that instrument.

More Ideas


If you are not satisfied with the options we gave above, here are some.

Silver Necklace Pendant – You can opt for giving a silver necklace with some music-related or their favorite instrument related pendent. This may give them some motivation for songwriting ideas. For example, a guitar-shaped pendant or treble clef pendant, etc.

Recorder or microphone – Many songwriters also love to sing and record their songs. If your favorite lyricist has the same hobby, you can, for sure, gift them a microphone or recorder for recording the songs. This will help them record the song as well as play it. Also, if you can gift them an advanced recorder that allows them to store songs, it would be a great idea.


When you have a songwriter friend, you should be thinking of some creative ways to show them you care about their passion, especially if this friend is a special one. Hope the above ideas help and give clarity to you what to purchase and gift to the industry tastemakers, the songwriters.

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