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While you literally have an unlimited number of musical styles to select from, there is some common ground when it comes to which music to compose for writing. Some writers may claim that they are “writers” first and foremost, while other authors and music for writing aficionados view composing as more of an art form. The latter group often listens to songs in order to better understand how words are put together. This allows them to imagine what a song would sound like with varying lyrics and melody. Some listen to music in order to “hear” lyrics and to visualize the structure of a song. Other writers listen to movie soundtracks to better visualize how a song should be written.

The Theme

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In both cases, listening to music for writing helps writers to identify the mood or theme of the story. Since each author is different and has his or her own idea of what the end result should be, some tunes may not work for the particular genre. For example, an author who is creating a sad love story might not want to listen to a song that makes happy-go-lucky lovers sound upbeat. However, most genres lend themselves to writing and listening to upbeat tunes. Music such as: country, rock, classical, pop, even hip-hop. These tunes tend to create a happy mood, which is conducive to effective writing.

The Research

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Many writers spend hours searching the internet for the perfect song to write a story about. What are some of the best music for writing titles? Most music websites offer a “playlist” of the very best music for writing. A good playlist can be selected by authors because it usually contains both contemporary and classic songs. Authors can search for songs that are moody or have a strong happy tone. In addition, they can select the type of music that evokes a certain feeling.

Unique Selections

A great online tool for finding a list of upbeat songs is “spotify.” The free version of spotify is excellent for finding and listening to songs. When looking for a playlist, look for songs that fit the theme of your story. Some genres include: romance, comedy, western, horror, thriller, etc. When creating a playlist, try to find songs that fit the general mood the story is trying to portray.

Experiment With Sounds

Finally, when searching for music for writing, experiment with the use of surround sound. The use of surround sound enhances the senses for writing. Most podcasts that use surround sound utilize it through headphones so the listener is not disrupted when they listen to the podcast. Try searching for ambient sounds playlists on popular podcast sites to enhance your writing experience. Music for writing can be an easy way to create a successful story. Just be creative with the playlists you choose and experiment with the use of movie soundtracks and ambient sounds playlists. You might be pleasantly surprised at the effect these simple changes will have.

Add Creative Touch

Another creative way to add drama to your writing is to listen to electronic music. Many people only use electronic music to get out of their homes. However, electronic music is just as effective at helping you to write a gripping story as it is at providing you with background noise. Electronic music can range from soothing instrumental tunes to hip hop or metal music. If you want to try something new, try using electronic music as a backdrop while you write. You may even find that it helps to take away some of the stress of your writing process.

Put Focus

Another area to consider when listening to music for writing is concentration. In most cases, writers tend to be on the go most of the time. Because of this, they do not have the opportunity to sit down and focus on a project. Try distracting your mind by checking your email or browsing the internet. This will allow you to focus on your projects at hand.

One of the most popular ways to get into the mood for writing involves listening to instrumental music without lyrics. Jogging music is a good choice because it provides a consistent beat. It also has a consistent rhythm that can keep you in a good mood throughout the writing session. When selecting your ambient noise, try to find something that strikes a chord with you.

Wrapping Up

With the right mood and the use of some great tools, creating a killer song or poem can easily distract you from your writing. Even if you have to rely on other writers to tell you what the theme of your piece is. If you have a catchy tune, you can still easily be distracted from your work and spend days perfecting the piece. Choose your background noise wisely. Use it to create a mood that will help you become more focused.

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